How do you go about doing a coffee enema?  If you are new to enemas completely, then you will find this very helpful.  If you find have performed an enema in your home before, then all you need is the brewing instructions, which I will tell you just below.

Do a supply check

  • Enema bag
  • Enema tube
  • Ground organic coffee
  • Water
  • Pot for brewing
  • Lubricant (vegetable oil works)

There are many methods to brewing the coffee used in coffee enemas.  Amounts vary, but the general consensus from information I’ve read around the internet is two to three tablespoons of ground organic coffee beans boiled in a pot of one quart of water.  (Do not use decaf or flavored coffee) s.a. Wilsons has coffee designed specifically for enema use. Some recommend boiling for five minutes before and then simmering for twenty minutes, while others say that one should boil the water first, then pour over the coffee grinds and steep for up to an hour!  Whatever your boiling method (there are many reputable sites recommending various methods so I think this part is not particularly essential), all places stress that you wait until the coffee has cooled to body temperature or below before putting it into your body!  It should be lukewarm, but not hot.  Remember, this is your anus were talking about.  If you’re unsure, lean towards the cooler side to begin with and you can move to a warmer temperature as you find your comfort zone with coffee enemas.

Can you use a drip style coffee? Using a pot to boil you coffee is a better idea.  Remember that coffee filters aren’t always made of the most natural things (why do we drink it then?).  Sometimes bleach or coloring is used to change the color or texture of the filter, so best stay away from unknown chemicals lurking in the fibers of your filters.  Besides, what can be easier than a pot and some coffee grinds?  After boiling you’ll probably want to strain the coffee to get out any floating grains.

Place the quart of coffee into the enema bag, and make sure that all the air is out of the enema tube.  (You may prefer to use an enema bucket to see the coffee more clearly.)  You wouldn’t want that air going in first!  Clamp the tube and prepare the end with some lube.  Yeah, it sounds kind of funny, but after all, we’re performing a coffee enema here!  Lube up end with some vegetable or olive oil or any other natural lube if you’ve got some lying around and prepare to insert.

The place where you administer the enema is up to you.  The bathroom is perhaps a preferable location because things can be easily cleaned up if any accidents happen, but depending on the cleanliness and size of the bathroom you may want to choose another location.  Lie on your side (there are conflicting options about on which side to start so try all three; left, right, flat on back). The bag should be hung about door handle level – the higher you hang the bag, the deeper the coffee will go. If you are new to enemas it may take 2 or three times to finish a whole quart.  After a few tries you’ll be able to take the whole bag in once. Retain (hold) for 12 to fifteen minutes if you can or for shorter sessions if necessary – it depends on how you want to divide the coffee solution.  After retaining, expel! Into the toilet is probably the best place I can think of.  If you are just starting with coffee enemas it is alright to repeat every few days, but the amount should eventually be curbed to once a week, and eventually to once a month or once a few months.  Nothing to do with the coffee enema, just enemas are like that.  It is possible to become dependant on enemas for bowel movements, and some believe that performing coffee enemas too often can lead to caffeine addiction.  However, if performed in moderation, there are very few risks and coffee enemas are sure to bring you many health benefits!


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