What are the side effects of coffee enemas?  Almost none.  I know you’re looking for the bad side to all the benefits, but really, if performed in moderation, there is nothing to worry about.  Most people experience zero side effects, but most people use common sense.  Overdoing anything is unhealthy and coffee enemas should be done with that in mind. If you perform coffee enemas too often, you run the risk of dehydration or electrolyte depletion.  Coffee enemas are believed to have caused three deaths in the United States.  Read more on Wikipedia.  Before that scares you off, think about the fact that in the history of coffee enemas there are only three deaths believed to be caused by them.  How many people spontaneously combust every year? (also on Wikipedia)

Coffee Enema Dangers


Furthermore, any kind of enema cleans out the contents of your bowels, therefore can clean out minerals, water, and good bacteria. However, most of mineral absorption occurs above the descending colon so any type of enema will have little affect on your bodies absorption of minerals.  There is no reason that coffee would make a difference.  The main difference in using coffee vs a typical saline solution is that coffee contains palmitates which have been proven to well cleanse your liver and bowels.  They go into the scientific side (molocules and enzymes etc) of things at Gallbladder Attack.

Gerson Therapy may recommend more than one coffee enema per day.  If you are using coffee enemas to treat a serious illness such as cancer, do so under the supervision of a professional.

Overuse of coffee enemas may also lead to caffeine addiction – again, moderation.  Do not use hot coffee – again, common sense.

Be careful when inserting the enema tube into your anus, a heavy hand with no lubrication may cause tissue damage.

Still want to do a coffee enema at home? Fantastic. Go to s.a. Wilsons to check out some organic coffee specially grown and roasted for enemas.  Remember that the quality of your coffee will affect the quality of your enema,  and the quality of health benefits achieved.

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