Max Gerson / Gerson TherapyCan Gerson Therapy Cure Cancer? This is a subject that is highly debatable. The benefits of coffee enemas were first discovered during world war two by German nurses who began using them when fresh water was scarce.

These were found to have beneficial effects on soldier who were wounded and not enough medicine was available to ease their pain. Improved conditions and mood were reported due to the benefits of coffee enemas.

This new type of enema was later researched by physician Max Gerson, in included as an essential part of his Gerson Therapy.

Gerson therapy was originally developed to treat migraines in patients. A diet of fresh juices and organic foods was developed and used to rid the body of toxins that were consumed by the patient.

Although originally developed to treat migraines, it was soon discovered that many other diseases could also be treated in this fashion. Eczema, tuberculosis, and diabetes were all treated by this diet of fresh, organic foods in combination with enemas.

Coffee enema benefits were later researched by Max Gerson and added to his formula. They were discovered to stimulate the liver and increase bile production thus increasing the rate of toxin expulsion. Coffee was also discovered to contain ‘palmitates’ which can help rid the body of free-floating cancer-causing radicals.

The enemas are administered several times daily. The benefits of coffee enemas vs. regular enemas lies in the detoxification process. As tumors die, the masses of dead cells are absorbed into the body and they flood the bloodstream. Without proper detoxification, poisons accumulate, and patients, even those whose cancer has been eradicated, will die.

By stimulating the liver and therefore increasing bile production we see that one of the benefits of coffee enemas is aid in detoxification. The caffeine contained in coffee decreases pain and can give a much-needed energy boost. Adding to the benefits of coffee enemas, Coffee was later discovered to contain palmitates, substances that help to carry away cancer causing free-radicals in the body. (A free radical is a molecule with an uneven amount of electrons that causes cellular damage)

Healthy atom free radical

Gerson reportedly cured 50 people of terminal cancer. However, his data which was reviewed by many modern health organizations was deemed inconclusive and incomplete. Here is where the controversy lies.

Gerson claims he can cure cancer. He has a large following and numerous patients who believe in his therapy and many who have tried it and can testify to its effectiveness. However, because much of the data and results are not 100 percent conclusive, the popular medical community and doctors who base their treatments on a more scientific basis refuse to acknowledge it as a “cure” for cancer.

They claim that Gerson’s Patients did not have cancer in the first place and were misdiagnosed. They say that Gerson’s patients went through months of chemotherapy before turning to Gerson so who’s to say what really cured the cancer. They dispute that were still don’t understand cancer has been known to just “cure itself” from time to time. Gerson therapy gives people false hope and is a risk for those who choose it as a method of treatment.

But I look at it like this. For a person who has cancer, a method of treatment must be chosen. Though the effectiveness of Gerson Therapy and the benefits of coffee enemas are disputed, it is a natural alternative to chemotherapy. Chemotherapy sounds more “modern” and “scientific” but that doesn’t mean it’s more effective.

In fact, chemotherapy is also known to not be one hundred percent effective and considered by many professionals to do more harm than good. It is a long, painful, and often ineffective process. The effectiveness of chemotherapy is also questioned by many authorities.

So why not choose a method that is healthy and natural. Gerson therapy is not some new scientific drug that claims to cure-all. It’s a realization that the foods, drinks, and even the air we breathe every day is full of toxins and can have a disastrous effect on our bodies. It is necessary to rid our bodies of these toxins, strengthen our immune systems, and in this way will we be healed.



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