coffee enema

Coffee enemas though not well known at this time, are becoming more and more popular as a treatment for many diseases.  Coffee enemas are used as a form of detoxification.  For those who have never heard of the idea, or have never had an enema done, it can seem like a strange idea.  Why on Earth would I want to put coffee in my butt?  For South Park fans, you might remember the episode when Cartman bets the other that if he puts food in his butt he will poop out of his mouth.  Perhaps the two are related in some way.

Jokes aside, coffee enemas as a form of detoxification is a real thing.  First off, enemas and colonics in general can rid our bodies of stored up feces.  True, our bodies were designed to naturally expel wastes so there should be no need help out.  However, not everyones body was designed to work one hundred percent efficiently and considering the large amount of pre-packaged foods and chemicals we unwittingly consume every day, a little help isn’t such a bad idea.

Speaking specifically of coffee, there are a number of advantages that coffee enemas has over typical saline solutions which you can read about on this sites.

Most people looking into coffee enemas are simply looking for a way to improve their quality of life – a way to feel healthier and more energetic.  However, coffee enemas can be used to treat a number of serious diseases.  If you are suffering from a disease and you think coffee enemas could be the solution, the best thing to do is to consult a professional.  For those looking to do coffee enemas at home as a “hobby” of sorts will probably do one every few weeks or so.  If you’re looking to treat a disease you may need to do several per day which changes significantly the number of risks involved.

This site is always being updated – as of now the section on Gerson Therapy is a bit sparce but there are some good links to other sites with information on the history and benefits of Max Gerson’s Gerson Therapy and how it relates to coffee enemas.

On this site you’ll find a couple links to s.a. Wilsons Organic Coffee.  This is the only coffee bean on the market specifically grown and roasted for enemas.  If you are going to do a coffee enema it is important that the coffee you use is 100 percent organic and has no additives or flavorings.  s.a. Wilsons Organic Coffee is a great choice because it has a higher caffeine potency and therefore it’s detoxification ability is superior to other coffee beans grown for drinking.

So take care of your liver! Take care of your intestines! Take care of your whole body and see how coffee enemas can improve your quality of life.